TaylorMade M2 Irons 4-9PAS Stiff Flex Graphite Shaft Right Handed

Brand: TaylorMade
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TaylorMade have aimed the M2 irons at the game improver golfer who is looking for a little bit of everything from a new set of clubs. A lightweight REAX graphite shaft has been fitted to the M3 irons, this will best suit golfers with slower swing speed-/ÑÒÓÔÕÖ $ %-. /2 38 9? @C DL MW X\ ]a bc di jr sv w€ ‰ ŠŽ “ ”˜ ™œ   ¡¥ ¦« ¬± ²µ ¶º »¿ Àà ÄÈ ÉÑÒÓÔÕÖ>㸀Ʌ²릐ᩭ蔘ᒏ.⸀ɵ²ⷠʃ鶸ၲḀɥ²奠᧿⒈ၻand eliminates unwanted vibrations for superior feel, giving golfers a pure feeling distance iron. 

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