TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons 4-9PAS Stiff Flex Graphite Shaft Right Handed

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The RocketBladez irons have a large cavity behind their stainless steel faces that lowers the centre of gravity and pulls it further away from the face, which is said to make them more forgiving and higher-flying.

That’s helped by a 2mm slot in the sole of the 3-7 irons – a Speed Pocket (far right) – which lets the 1.6mm thick flex more easily at impact, especially on shots hit low down in the face. TaylorMade says that these irons have COR numbers similar to a driver’s.

The slot is covered with polyurethane to keep debris out, and TaylorMade says the polyurethane also helps quieten down vibrations without significantly hampering the flexing.

Features and benefits of the TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons:

  • HIGH COR: The Speed Pocket, in conjunction with the highly sophisticated face design, pushes the COR right up to the USGA limit.
  • SPEED POCKET: The Speed Pocket flexes and rebounds at impact, increasing the speed of the face to promote faster ball speed and a higher, stronger ball flight that lands on a steep, quick-stopping descent angle
  • FEEL: The Speed Pocket in in the 3-7 RocketBladez Irons is filled with a Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) made by 3M that keeps out debris and dampens unwanted vibration while still allowing the slot to flex at impact.
  • CONSISTENCY: The Speed Pocket, in conjunction with an ultra-thin face and sophisticated new Inverted Cone design, promotes consistently higher ball speed and higher peak trajectory, especially on mis-hits low on the face, and a steep, soft-landing, quick-stopping approach angle. In addition, the new clubface design reduces directional dispersion to promote increased accuracy.

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